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Thermal Sectional Flexible Durable Doors

Raynor’s FlexFamily of thermal sectional flexible durable doors have a solution just right for any situation! FlexFamily commercial doors are the industry’s first and only doors to provide complete door system performance standards testing and reporting! Designed specifically to lower your total cost of ownership, the Raynor FlexFamily of flexible durable doors reduces the need for service calls, reduces damaged panels, eliminates inoperable doors, creates first-call resolutions, and maintains a sealed opening.

FlexFit™ FF175

Durable, Flexible Panel Solutions

FlexFit FF175 is engineered and manufactured to absorb accidental impacts and flex, rather than dent and buckle. Unlike steel doors, Raynor FlexFit can absorb moderate to severe impacts and rebound to its original shape for continued smooth operation, which eliminates service calls due to minor accidents. Severe impacts typically force the hardware (hinges, rollers, track) to take the brunt of the impact. These door replacement parts are commonly carried on service trucks, increasing first-call resolution when needed.

FlexDoor™ FD175

Standard, Flexible Door Solution

Raynor FlexDoor FD175 carries all of the same characteristics as FlexFit FF175 with a more economical price point. Reduced in performance only in torsion cycle life and perimeter seals, it is ideal for lower use applications while packing the same punch! Like its big brother, the FlexDoor FD175 door model can take all of the same abuse but is ideal for lower cycle applications.
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