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Fabric Doors

Raynor FabriCoil™ Traffic Doors

Durable, Reliable, Resettable

With many of the desired features of typical commercial high-speed doors, Raynor FabriCoil traffic doors offer excellent durability and reliability at an affordable price. Our tough vinyl curtain is designed for interior applications, ideal for high traffic areas.

Raynor RapidCoil™ Commercial High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s line of RapidCoil fabric high speed doors utilizes the industry’s best sealing technology which gives an extremely tight seal against wind, rain, and contaminants. RapidCoil doors, depending on size, can open as fast as 8 feet per second in some applications. By combining a tight sealing door with high-speed operation, a more energy-efficient environment is created, which can decrease operating costs in manufacturing environments. The RapidCoil line also features a soft bottom edge, photo eyes and reversing edge across all models, adding an uncompromising safety factor into the entire line. RapidCoil high speed fabric doors are available in a variety of colors with multiple vision options and activation methods.

Raynor RapidCoil™ RC100

High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s RapidCoil RC100 is engineered for small- to medium-interior technology applications, up to 12’ wide and 12’ high. The RC100 high speed fabric door is designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe and durable option for even the most rugged applications. The specially modified zipper sealing and inner guide technology provide a large area of travel allowing the door to operate in the harshest industrial environments.

Raynor RapidCoil™ RC200

High Speed Fabric Doors

Raynor’s RapidCoil RC200 high speed fabric door is designed for small- to medium-interior technology applications up to 12′ wide and 12′ high. The RC200 door is designed for interior environments, providing a high-tech, safe, and aesthetically pleasing door for even the most demanding customers. The RC200 combines our proven control and drive system with our specially modified bead sealing technology for ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet operation. Incorporating Raynor’s control panel, with a variable frequency drive, provides maximum performance, flexibility, and self-diagnostic capabilities.

Raynor RapidCoil™ RC300

High Speed Fabric Doors

Designed for exterior and interior applications up to 18′ wide and 18′ high, Raynor RapidCoil RC300 high speed fabric doors provide reliable environment control while increasing productivity and safety. “Push Pull” technology provides superior performance in high-pressure environments and reduces maintenance. Soft curtain design is crash forgiving, self re-inserting, and exceptionally safe for users.

Raynor RapidCoil™ RC300HD

High Speed Fabric Doors

Designed for exterior and interior applications with extreme pressure requirements, the Raynor RapidCoil RC300HD high speed fabric door protects your environments against wind, rain, snow, dirt and harsh temperatures. The RC300HD opens and closes quickly, improving traffic flow, while providing energy savings, employee comfort and environmental control. The doors are self re-inserting if accidentally dislodged from the side guides, yet are perfectly safe due to a soft bottom edge.
Hormann Cool Master.jpeg

Hormann Speed-Commander Series

Interior Roll Up Fabric Doors

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 SEL19 product line includes models suited for clean rooms, coolers and food processing areas.  These models are designed for specific industries to accommodate their special application requirements.
Freezer Doors
Hormann Speed-Master-1600-L_12.jpeg

Hormann Speed-master Series

Fabric High Speed Roll Up Doors

There is a Speed-Master® high-speed, roll up, fabric door model for every application and budget.
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