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SteelForm™ Series

Commercial Sectional Ribbed Garage Doors

Raynor SteelForm doors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. SteelForm’s construction features end stiles and mutts that are both welded and riveted providing superior strength to the door sections. Additionally, SteelForm doors incorporate an extruded aluminum astragal retainer to eliminate flex in the bottom section. SteelForm’s sections are a full 2” thick and made of hot-dipped galvanized steel providing maximum rust resistance. SteelForm doors are built to handle the most demanding jobs.

SteelForm S16

Sectional Smooth Doors

Designed for peak performance, Raynor SteelForm S-16 heavy-duty, 16-gauge commercial sectional smooth doors with steel skin and rugged hardware provide maximum reliability and durability for high-security in the most demanding applications, such as a busy loading dock.

SteelForm™ S20 and S24

Sectional Ribbed Doors

These benchmark sectional ribbed doors provide proven Raynor reliability and durability to meet, or exceed, the requirements of daily use. The Raynor SteelForm S-20 and S-24, 20 and 24-Gauge doors are offered with the widest selection of quality features and options for the most common commercial door product applications.

SteelForm™ S24C

Sectional Ribbed Doors

A simple solution for typical commercial and industrial door applications, the SteelForm S-24C commercial sectional ribbed door provides Raynor quality and durability in a limited selection of sizes, features, and options.
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