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How Regular Garage Door Servicing Saves You Hassle in the Future

We all know how routine maintenance can extend the life of our automobiles, lawn mowers, and other equipment. Even so, one thing that many people never think about maintaining is their garage door. However, your garage door does contain lots of moving parts, and should therefore be inspected at least once a year for deficiencies. There are plenty of benefits to having your garage door maintained on a regular basis, and here are just a few you may want to consider.

Ensure Proper Spring Functioning

All garage doors are equipped with torsion springs, which perform the heavy lifting when you raise the door. As such, they experience constant wear, and can eventually fail after repeated use. You may not have much warning that your torsion spring is going out. All you are likely to experience is a loud popping noise and an inability to lift your door. Regular garage door service can extend the life of your torsion spring, but will also help you identify when yours is going bad so you can have it replaced.

Your doors tension springs and cables control its opening and closing. If they are in poor condition, your door may open or close faster than usual. This requires immediate attention as it increases the odds that the door will fall down on you while closing. Again, regular servicing will identify issues and correct problems before they become a safety hazard.

Corrects Auto Reversal Issues

The auto reversal feature is an important one that prevents your door from shutting if there are obstructions underneath. This includes children and pets, as well as lawn equipment, tools, or dropped items such as groceries. Hitting an obstruction could cause major damage to your door, but might also lead to serious injury or death if the obstacle is a person. You do not want to find out the hard way that your auto reversal feature is not working properly. Have the feature checked so that you can then schedule garage door repair right away, if needed.

Quiets Noisy Door Operation

Many homeowners note that their garage doors produce more noise with age. Accordingly, when they experience unusual creaking, groaning, clanging, or banging, they attribute it to normal wear and tear. The fact is that your garage door should not make loud noises regardless how old it is.

If your door is very noisy, it could mean that certain parts are not lubricated properly. This can lead to additional friction that may cause your springs or other components to wear out sooner. It also leaves them more susceptible to rust damage. With Raynor Garage Door and Gates of Lexington, service includes carefully lubricating the necessary parts with white lithium grease to protect them and increase their lifespan.

Guarantees Good Balance

A common problem with garage doors involves them getting off-balance. This can result in a door that will not stay up whenever you lift it manually. Your door might also be higher on one end than it is the other. An improperly balanced door will put more strain on your garage door opener each time you use it, in which case it will likely wear out faster. Our technicians can check the balance of your door and rebalance it if needed. Not only will this make things easier on your garage door opener, but you will also find it more practical to lift your door by hand.

Checks the Condition of Rollers and Tracks

Your garage door moves up and down via its tracks on either side. Rollers are attached to your garage door, and are what moves it through these tracks. Rollers are essentially wheels that constantly turn when your garage door is raising or lowering. Consequently, they experience frequent movement that can wear them down over time. In fact, some manufacturers recommend replacing your rollers every seven years, or more often if you use your garage door daily.

While they are normally very sturdy, garage door tracks can also become damaged. For example, they may rust, warp, or crack from exposure to the elements. Garage door tracks might also come loose, in which case there would be very little holding your door to its frame. Dirt, debris, and oil may also build up inside your tracks and restrict movement of the rollers.

During a garage door inspection, we will check the condition of your rollers and tracks and:

• Repair or replace rollers or sections of track if needed • Lubricate rollers • Clean tracks, removing excess dirt and debris to keep your rollers moving freely • Ensure that tracks are securely fastened and tighten any loose fittings

Identifies Safety Issues

The federal government requires garage door manufacturers to install certain safety features in all newer models. In addition to auto reversal, your door is likely equipped with motion sensors, manual operational controls, and other features. Allow us to inspect these features to ensure that they are in keeping with the latest safety requirements and function exactly as the manufacturer recommends. We’ll see that everything is working properly, and we can easily perform garage door repair to correct any deficiencies.

Verify the Door’s Condition

After inspecting the working components, we’ll perform an inspection of the garage door itself. Our technicians will look for issues such as:

• Warped panels • Excessive rust • Broken glass • Worn or damaged weather stripping • Rotted wood • Water damage

A garage door can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years on average. If it appears that yours is getting some age on it, we can provide you with an estimate for repairs as well as a new garage door. That way, you can determine if it is time to invest in a new garage door or fix the one that you have. Either way, our experienced technicians, at Raynor Garage Doors and Gates of Lexington, would be happy to assist you with all your garage door installation and repair needs.

Contact us now for a Garage Door Inspection

Have a professional garage door technician inspect your door’s features annually, or more often if you use yours on a daily basis. The ideal time to do this is before cold weather strikes so you can be sure you are ready for winter. During garage door service, we will check all your door’s components, lubricate moving parts, and recommend repairs if needed. Don’t neglect your garage door or wait until you need major repairs to give us a call. Contact us today by phone 859-233-0802, or stop by our showroom at Raynor Garage Doors & Gates of Lexington, located at 1033 Rushwood Ct. Lexington, KY 40511 to schedule a maintenance visit.


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