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Drive-Thru Businesses - Adapting to a changing world

COVID-19 is forcing many businesses to re-invent themselves; either to stay open amid the shutdown or for the safety of their staff and customers. Drive-up service options are available at just about all types of businesses. Has your business thought about how to adapt to our changing world?

Retail businesses and restaurants have adapted by offering curbside service. Most businesses that offer a service require their patrons to call ahead when they arrive so that there is no unnecessary waiting around. They go inside and proceed directly to a sanitized area where their service will be performed. These are small adjustments that had to be quickly orchestrated to get through these trying times, but one medical office out of Louisville, KY is thinking outside the box.

Raynor Garage Doors & Gates of Lexington had the opportunity to work with TEG Architects and Abel Construction on a new concept in medical care. Norton Healthcare Express Services is a drive-thru outpatient medical facility that opened Monday, Nov. 9th, 2020. Services will be provided in a drive-thru climate controlled building allowing patients to remain in their vehicles for most services. This allows providers offering Norton Telehealth and Norton eCare services the ability to give patients, including those who are immunocompromised, a no-contact option to receive care. (View Full Article Here) What other businesses could offer not only drive-up, but drive-thru services?

Veterinary offices could offer drive through bays so that pet owners could stay with their pets rather than have to wait outside while man's best friend is receiving a medical evaluation. Drive-thru funeral homes would enable families a chance to pay respects without endangering the rest of the family and of course don't forget drive-thru convenience stores, movie theaters, pawn shops, and gift shops.

When you are looking for a commercial garage door for your drive-thru business needs, Raynor Garage Doors & Gates of Lexington has the experience to help you navigate through common questions and help you choose the commercial drive-thru garage door that will be best for your business.

Raynor Garage Doors & Gates of Lexington is located at 1033 Rushwood Ct. Lexington, KY 40511 and services all of Central Kentucky. Contact us today at 859-233-0802.


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