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It is a Great Time to Schedule Garage Door Installation or Repair

Have you ever noticed how people open their garages more during the summer than when it's cold outside? Summer is a time when plans are active and spending time outside is most welcoming. Garages open and close more often in the summer, and we tend to leave them open for comfort and convenience during outdoor summer activities like working on the car or driveway basketball.

But summer is also the perfect time to work on the garage door, itself. If you've been putting off fixing or installing your garage door, now is the perfect time to get that back on your to-do list and call to schedule your garage door service. You and your garage door technicians can enjoy a warm day with good weather to take care of this important task. Don't wait until the cold hits. It will be here before we know it.

1) Clear Skies

First of all, the weather is clear. Garage door work is, by definition, indoor-outdoor meaning you and your garage door professionals will be working, at least partly, out in whatever weather is going on. Here in Kentucky, weather can get pretty intense during the cold seasons and high-precipitation months. But late summer is more likely to have clear sunny skies so you don't have to work in rain, sleet, hail, or snow when repairing or installing a garage door.

2) Warm Days

The next perk to scheduling your garage door service in late summer is plenty of warm weekends days. The cold is one of the biggest reasons why we put off garage door maintenance. The metal door is freezing to touch in the winter, and shivering is no state to be in when working with heavy doors and springs.

3) Summer Ventilation

Another great reason to work on your garage door in the summer is that, chance are, you'd have it open it anyway. To repair or install a new garage door, naturally, the door will need to be open a good deal of the time. During the winter, this can expose your inner house to freezing temperatures and snowdrifts.

But during the summer, you'd already be opening your garage to let air circulate and reduce the inside-garage heat. The heat also ensures that having your garage open while work is being performed will not be an imposition. Instead, your garage will get some cool breezes while your door is repaired or installed.

4) Safer Maintenance

Believe it or not, garage door maintenance is also safer during the summer. Cold hands and stiff fingers make it both more challenging and more dangerous to work with things like high-tension wires and enormous tightly wound springs. The summer warmth allows your garage door professionals to work with limber fingers at optimal sensitivity through work gloves. The heat is also good for the metal parts of your door, making all metal more likely to bend than to snap as can sometimes happen in extreme cold.


The summer is the perfect time to work on your garage door, but DIY is almost never the right approach. If you don't have garage door installation and maintenance training, then let us lend a hand as your local garage door experts. We have the equipment and know-how to not just repair or install your garage door, but also to ensure that the door is absolutely safe for you and your family over the many years that the door will be in constant use. We understand how important high-quality garage door work is, which is why the Raynor team is dedicated to providing fast, expert garage door services for families in the Lexington area and surrounding Kentucky counties.

Please contact us with your questions, concerns, or plans to schedule a garage door service. We will be happy to hear from you and will work with you to make sure your garage door is beautiful, functional, and absolutely safe for the home and family.


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