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Garage Door Guide: Types of Garage Doors

Garage doors do more than just protect your car; they are important for your home's value.  According to Remodeling Magazine, you will recoup 97.5 percent of your investment when you replace your garage door.  Modern garage doors are designed with curb appeal in mind as well as function. There is a variety of appealing options to consider.

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Garage Door Types


Roll-up doors consist of interlocked metal slats that coil around a drum.

Benefit: Roll-up doors are relatively compact and will not take up much overhead space in your garage. You might find a roll-up door beneficial if another style of garage door might interfere with a lighting fixture or if your overhead space is limited for some other reason. Also, roll-up garage doors are typically durable and do not require much maintenance after installation. They are secure and tough to break into, so much so that they are arguably the best choice for home security.

Sliding Doors

Sliding garage doors do what their name suggests and open by sliding to one side on tracks. The length of the track determines how far the door can slide.

Benefit: Sliding garage doors can be a smart choice if you have no space to install an overhead option. Garage doors that open horizontally also make it easier for you to get into your home since they do not require you to stoop. You can also open a sliding door as wide as you need to; it is not necessary to open it all the way. In addition to all that, they do not require extra space around the entrance of your garage to open. Some sliding garage doors will have vertical hinges that allow the doors to slide around corners so that they take up less space. According to This Old House, one of the main benefits of sliding doors is how easy they are to operate in all kinds of weather.

Folding Doors

A folding garage door can fold up vertically to either side of the opening in a similar way that a closet door might function. Alternatively, it can fold up horizontally on the exterior to form a kind of canopy.

Benefit: It is possible to open a vertically folding garage door partially unlike vertically-opening doors. Folding garage doors do not take up overhead space inside a garage.

Up and Over Doors

Consisting of a single door, up and over doors open by lifting and swinging out. Some designs require the door to be pulled into the ceiling space of the garage. Other versions do not retract into the garage and instead stick out as a kind of canopy.

Benefits: states that up and over doors are less expensive than other types of garage doors because they are the most popular. As a result of their popularity, they are easy to find in sizes that fit most garage door openings.

The Best Materials for Garage Doors


Garage doors made of steel can include insulation and are highly durable, which are two reasons why it is the most popular garage door material.


An aluminum door will be lighter than one made from steel. Like steel, you can customize an aluminum garage door with a variety of different finishes.


The original garage doors were made with wood, and it continues to be the material of choice for homeowners who desire a traditional look. Keep in mind that while properly maintained wood garage doors do have a positive impact on a home's curb appeal and value,  they require consistent and careful upkeep.

Wood Composite

Wood composite garage doors consist of recycled wood that is stronger than natural wood but with wood's texture and appearance.


Garage doors made from fiberglass are not as popular as the other options on this list, but it does have some advantages. Fiberglass is light and does not dent easily.  

At Raynor Garage Doors & Gates of Lexington, KY, we offer a variety of different garage door styles in different materials. Give us a call or stop by our showroom to discuss the best garage door type for your home.


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